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Welcome to GARUG Online

This is the Web site of the Georgia RACF Users' Group - GARUG in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Welcome to the Georgia RACF Users' Group World Wide Web Home Page - GARUG Online. Whether you are someone using the Web from here in Georgia, or someone visiting from another part of the world, we hope you will find helpful information about RACF or the Georgia RUG as well as links to a multitude of information resources around the globe.

Atlanta is the home of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games and is also home base to may multi-national corporations such as Coca Cola, Delta Airlines and Home Depot just to name a few.

Other fine Atlanta institutions include the Georgia Institute of Technology - GA Tech, the 1995 World Champion Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Falcons and the Varsity, the world's largest drive-in restaurant.

We are Back!!!

That's what we said in April, 2003. Now we are trying again, and we never learn, so we start the same way:

We are Back!!!

June 25, 2005

The biggest news is that we are back! After an extended period of time off-line, we have redesigned our site and return to provide the best RACF and security information services that we can. We hope you will join us.

GARUG Reforming

June 25, 2005

We are reforming the GARUG after an absence of more than two years. Simon Dodge will be leading the group. For more information regarding future meetings, meeting locations, if you want to volunteer to present at a GARUG meeting, or if you have a request for a presentation on a particular topic, please contact Simon or use the contact page.

Provide Feedback to GARUG

The Feedback Page

Your input is needed to continue to provide the information YOU want to see at this site. Got a gripe regarding this site? Let us know. Do you have an idea to make the site better? Again, drop us a note. It is the GARUG's intent for this site to be the best RACF site in the World! But we must have your help! We cannot do it alone.


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